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2870Data Viewer, eDart

PJM will be performing an eDART application upgrade scheduled for Wednesday, September 27th from 1700 to Thursday, September 28th 0300 EDT. eDART will be unavailable at this time.


There will also be two brief outages to Emergency Procedures during this time.


Emails will be sent prior to the upgrade starting and after the upgrade is complete.


The application changes can be found at:

Please note that this is an upgrade to the eDART legacy application and not a refresh change.


Please direct any questions you may have to

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2855ExSchedule, OASIS

Market Operator role update per NAESB eTag 1.8.3 specs

OATI will enable the new e-Tag version 1.8.3 on Tuesday October 10th 2017 02:00 AM EPT. This will mark the start of a parallel operations phase of the new e-Tag version, and the current  1.8.2 version.  All new tags created after Tuesday October 10th 2017 02:00 AM EPT must be created with eTag 1.8.3 specifications, which require the Market Participant to enter PJM as Market Operator (MO) on the PJM Transmission Provider (TP) line of the tag’s Physical Path. Any existing tags created under eTag version 1.8.2 will continue to be supported until November 7, 2017 at which point they will be terminated by OATI.

Note from OATI about termination of all old version 1.8.2 tags on November 7, 2017.

NAESB has mandated that all e-Tags created using the 1.8.2 specifications must be terminated no later than 12:00 AM CST, Tuesday November 07, 2017. Customer action will be required to terminate older version e-Tags and create new ones to replace them. This termination of older e-Tags and creation of replacement e-Tags may commence any time after the transition to version 1.8.3. NAESB also requires OATI, as an Authority Service, to automatically terminate any outstanding e-Tags using the old version that have not been terminated by OATI Customers, so that they do not extend beyond the retirement date. OATI is required to enter the termination in webSmartTag seven days prior to the retirement date. Outstanding version 1.8.2 e-Tags will receive a termination request with the following comment:

“This tag is using 1.8.2. It will be terminated on November 07, 2017 at 00:00 CST. Please create a new tag if needed.”

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